Stand for Justice for autistic boy who was raped

This week’s dailys carried articles about a 5 year old girl who was strangled and sexually abused. A 5 year old. I couldn’t bring myself to read more about it.

Today, I received a mail from a prominent activist. It was about the rape and abuse of an autistic young man. These monsters are everywhere and sexual abuse and intimidation of those who have little power to fight back happens every day. Here’s Kesara’s story; another chilling reminder.

Here’s the contents of the mail –

Nuwanthi Kahandaliyanage

It was my brother Kesara who was victimized by sexual predators at his work place. He was repeatedly raped, beaten and threatened over a period of time and he is now continuing to be victimized.

This is a request to come and stand up for Kesara and for justice on 17th September at 9:00am at The Gangodawila Magistrates Court, Nugegoda.

Most of you have probably heard the story of a boy with Autism we called “Ajith” who was raped and abused, physically and mentally when working at leading pastry shop in Colombo.

This is the story of my brother Kesara who worked at Green Cabin.

We were unable to give out these specific details until now but with the next court case coming up this week I felt I needed to speak up and ensure that everyone knows who this crime was committed against and where it took place.

All my friends and acquaintances know who Kesara is. His is a story of inspiration and heroism. Born on the Autism Spectrum he went on to becoming the poster child for Autism as he achieved heights no other Autistic person in Sri Lanka had achieved.

He has now been brought low by evil sexual deviants who victimized him at the place we thought was a safe environment for him.

He had been working at Green Cabin for three years when on June 12th 2015 he finally broke his silence and told us about how he had been repeatedly raped and abused by 4 fellow employees while at work.

Kesara doesn’t understand the concept of time and when asked for how long it had been happening all he said was ‘for a long time’. He was clear about the fact that it happened on Saturdays and he gave us very detailed descriptions of what they had done to him.

These four men were arrested and produced at the Gangodawila Magistrates court and after 3 weeks they were all given bail. They are now walking our streets free, they are living their lives while Kesara is trying very hard to gather together the shambles of his life and is finding it impossible to do so.

He, the victim, is continuing to be victimized as these monsters are roaming about and he is unable to even travel by himself out of fear. Travelling alone was something he took a lot of pride in as developing that level of independence in a child with special needs was no easy task.

He is now without a job and unable to understand why it was his life that changed and his life that has been compromised after having gone through so much while the people who did it to him are relatively unaffected.

He doesn’t understand why he, who did nothing wrong is not being helped by the system and society he worked so hard to fit into.
Becoming a productive, independent citizen while having special needs is not something many can boast about but Kesara did it. And this is what happened to him.

Please come and stand up with him and fight for justice on Thursday, 17th September 2015 at 9:00am at the Gangodawila Magistrate’s Court in Nugegoda.

This is probably the same Kesara – Cooking up a dream from his childhood


2 responses to “Stand for Justice for autistic boy who was raped

  1. Green Cabin deeply concerned.
    Urges need to keep victim’s best interests at heart.

    The Board and Management of Cyril Rodrigo Restaurants Limited ( owners of Green Cabin )
    have issued a statement clarifying their position in relation to the alleged rape of an autistic employee.

    We are deeply concerned about this incident and our heartfelt sympathies are with the victim and his family. As an institution, we will facilitate an early resolution of the ongoing inquiry, and will endeavour to balance the need for due process in a criminal court procedure with the family’s need to find the perpetrators of this heinous act.

    “We have consciously chosen to refrain from adding to the furore, and misinformation, despite accusations of maintaining a deafening silence”. Managing Director Chanaka Rodrigo reiterated, “There is absolutely no attempt by me or my staff to cover-up or block proceedings in any manner”. We do not condone or support rape or rapists; but we do support the right to a free trial and due process for our employees.“There is some doubt in my mind that this rape occurred in our premises. But it is of great importance that the truth is uncovered and the Young man and his family are given the peace of mind that they have had a just resolution of this case “ Mr Rodrigo added.

    We have always respected the regulatory environment we operate within, and in this matter, have obtained legal counsel. But in hindsight we feel we could have handled this situation with greater empathy. On legal advise we sent the young man a vacation of post notice, but the board recommendation, is to issue a further letter giving him leave to sort out this court case.
    The Law is intentionally objective and rational. We cannot, go beyond the law, even at the expense of our much cherished goodwill and reputation built over generations of upright behaviour and strong values.

    The circumstances of this case are complex and tragic, and the law must be given space to establish what it can in an unbiased manner, without social media playing judge and jury. Few engaged in this discourse have a clear picture of the circumstances, and the testimony pertaining to the case. In the absence of such awareness, the autistic individual becomes a victim of this public spectacle, robbed of his right to privacy and discretion.

    We request that the emotion aroused around this case are channelled to much needed advocacy on work place awareness and sensitizing the broader community on the needed societal support systems that will encourage many other organisations to go that extra mile in reaching out to help persons with disability join the work force. We believe this inclusivity helps nurture their self esteem and offers an opportunity for them to lead fuller lives.

    Unfortunate events over the past few weeks have caused a deterioration in the erstwhile trust and mutual respect that the young man’s family had with the Green Cabin management.One includes the mother and aunt coming to the office at Pepiliyana with two other ladies and a lawyer. As the managing director was not present in the office , the head of HR met them. A request to see the dressing room area was refused as a lawyer was present with the Mother . The legal opinion was that a court appointed officer must do this as otherwise it would interfere in the court proceedings.

    A board member and a board appointed special mediator with prior expertise with the ILO in workplace disability have met the employee’s mother this week to establish facts; it is only after this meeting that this statement has been issued. Green Cabin will support the young man and his family in this most trying time.

    Green cabin has had a continuous record of over a century of philanthropy and social responsibility. We have employed differently-abled persons and attempted to give them a safe haven. However, it is possible that despite all these good intentions, some form of bullying may have occurred, despite the allocation of mentors to protect the differently-abledworker.

    We urge all well- wishers and the many concerned members of civil society and the community to refrain from reaching premature conclusions and to have the requisite patience and compassion to let the relevant authorities manage this.

    We hope for a quick and proper resolution of this case and that Autism will get greater funding and recognition of the immense challenges faced in social integration.

  2. This response by the company through which this abuse occurred is worse than the events happening themselves! You “gave leave to the autistic boy to sort out this court case!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” THE VICTIM GOT FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARE YOU SO ROTTEN?! This is an unbelievably story of the worst kind. What happened to the rapists? Did THEY get fired? Are they in jail?????? I am sharing this story with my followers and I am mortified that victims in our world get the abuse from all sides rather than PROTECTION. Rapists and others who torture their victims need to STOP being protected and covered by people who are more concerned about the “it’s none of my business” or “we have to protect our business” philosophy of running our society’s into the ground, to hell in a hand basket. Abusers of all kinds get more FUELED by getting away with their crimes. They become worse when they get justifications and are shielded from the consequences of their actions. And why is that? Because 1) people prefer happy care-less people over the victims who are weak, emotional, and often act in ways that seem erratic, when in fact, they are in TURMOIL suffering while con artists and cover-ups occur all around them.

    Praises to the family of this boy who diligently investigated this and FIGHT FOR JUSTICE, at any cost, as it should be.

    In all reality, the RIGHT THING TO DO here, is that the company these men worked at, this Green Cabin (OH MY GOSH, IT’S A RESTAURANT!!!!!!!! THERE IS NO WAY NO ONE KNEW WHAT WAS HAPPENING AT A RESTAURANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

    This changes my next statement drastically…

    I was going to say that company has a liability to this victim to pay for his lawyers, but actually, this family actually should be suing this restaurant for Negligence, Assault and Battery, or Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Harassment in the Workplace, etc…

    “Suing Additional Parties – Employer: In some cases, a civil suit can be brought against another party in addition to the perpetrator of the assault. For example, if the incident occurred at a place of business, school, or other institution, that entity (sometimes the perpetrator’s employer) could also be liable based on a negligent supervision claim or a failure to provide adequate security.”

    A civil injury (personal injury) lawyer would be best suited to handle this type of case. Most attorneys will offer a no-cost initial consultation, so it’s best to talk to more than one attorney to discuss the details of the case.

    I am completely ashamed of Green Cabin for allowing something like this to occur at all, for trying to shove it under the rug by firing the victim and spitting out lawyer jargon instead of the empathy, support, and STABILITY this autistic boy DESERVES and has earned for many years of devoted efforts and service to their company.

    The rapists and abusers are certainly to blame for their actions, but the place this happened at is not a back alley or a private home or a dungeon where no one knew or saw what was happening, and the behavioral changes in a sexually abused, and/or victimized person are EXTREMELY NOTICEABLE, especially when they are wearing their emotions outwardly, as Autistics do. When the behavior around the abusers changed to fear, keeping away from the abusers, and other clear signs of bad things happening, this company MADE C CONSCIOUS CHOICE TO IGNORE IT for business as usual to cover their own butts FOR YEARS.*

    They are as much to blame after the first signs of this happening in their place of business and every dime they have made since the first signs of this abuse occurring are subject to a lawsuit, just the same as millions are “awarded” (terrible word) to the victims are car manufacturers who intentionally sell vehicles with known malfunctions that then obviously injure and kill people, and then they pay the settlements willingly because they made more money by staying in business selling those damaged vehicles knowing full well that the day would come someday when they would have to pay for their shameful arrogant horrendous greed. Green Cabin too must be brought to justice and punitive damages this Autistic boy with what he should have, wages for a job he loved and showed up to every scheduled day, to spite that they did NOT protect him. Now they owe him lost wages and emotional distress, sexual harassment in the workplace, etc monies for their cover-up, and their horrendous after behaviors for firing this boy.

    *[Company proper response SHOULD have been to prohibits retaliation against employees who complain of harassment, and NOT lay them off or fire them for being victimized!!!!!!!!!!!!!]

    Please tell the updated results of the case(s)…..

    ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

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